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Riverside’s Fox Farm Seeks to Raise Funds to Sustain Its Urban Farming Endeavors

October 16, 2015 |

Scott Berndt of Fox Farm in Riverside, CA

Fox Farm is an urban farm location at Hapemen Ranch, a 2.5 acre orchard with 75 various fruit tree. This farm is completely surrounded by houses and located in the heart of Riverside CA. Farmer Scott Berndt has cultivated about a 1/3 of an acre of vegetables, which he provides to local restaurants in Riverside as well as to the Riverside Unified School District through its Farm-to-School program.

Scott’s goals are to bring a full acre into production, growing various kinds of vegetables that are needed for RUSD and local restaurants. His biggest challenge is growing enough variety to supply restaurants with their entire menu of produce.

Scott’s goal is to acquire and install a walk in cooler on the farm, and grow what he can for restaurants and RUSD. He plans to source the items he does not have available from other local farms, and provide a one stop place for local chefs and restaurant owners to pick up produce rather than have to visit 2-3 farms for their needs.

Scott is currently raising funds to try to obtain a Kiva Zip loan for a walk in cooler. His funding campaign expires in just 7 days and he is 86% funded. Starting today, a benefactor has opted to match the dollars of any loan.

That means with $700 left to be funded, a minimum $25 loan from you is worth $50! Only 14 lenders at the $25 level secures the project! Only 7 lenders at $50! Be proud, this is how real change happens, at the grassroots. We can do this, you can help!

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