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UC Cooperative Extension Offers Urban Farming Workshops in San Diego and Sacramento 

UC Cooperative Extension Offers Urban Farming Workshops in San Diego and Sacramento 

March 12, 2018 |

Urban farmers and those considering farming in an urban area are invited to participate in a series of four day-long low-cost workshops offered by University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) advisors and other experts in both the San Diego and Sacramento regions. Farmers and potential farmers can take one or take all four of these workshops; each is $20 for a full day of expert speakers, participatory exercises, lunch and refreshments. The workshops will be held at urban farm sites and will include farm tours and discussions with local urban farmers sharing challenges and success stories. The 2018 workshop series starts March 16 in the Sacramento area and March 23 in the San Diego area.

“We’re excited to offer our Urban Agriculture Workshop Series in Sacramento and San Diego, communities where policies have been put in place to encourage urban farming, and growing numbers of residents are getting involved,” said Rachel Surls, the UC Cooperative Extension Advisor who coordinates UC ANR’s urban agriculture team. “This series will be a big help for anyone who wants to learn how to get started in urban farming, or is already farming and wants to improve production and boost their business. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced grower, we hope to see you there!”

Workshop modules will cover 1) Urban farming legal basics, which will include types of urban farm enterprises, zoning issues, soil testing, required permits and licenses, and an introduction to key local resources such as the Agricultural Commissioner and UCCE staff; 2) Marketing and business management for urban farms which will cover business planning, and will touch on labor laws and risk management; 3) Production considerations for urban farmers, focusing on water management, IPM, and soil contamination/soil improvement; and 4) Pre and post-harvest food safety practices, using CDFA’s Small Farm Food Safety Guidelines. Participants will be encouraged to attend the series, although workshops will be stand-alone. Each workshop will be a one-day event.

Registration is open. Space is limited, so please sign up early.

Register for the Sacramento Workshop here:

Register for the San Diego Workshop here:


Additional detail on the workshops can be found here:

More UC urban farming resources:



San Diego Series: Mary Redlin, Southern California Coordinator, email hidden; JavaScript is required, 562-900-3041

Sacramento Series: Penny Leff, Northern California Coordinator, email hidden; JavaScript is required" class="broken_link">email hidden; JavaScript is required, 530-752-5208

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