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Grow Riverside: Citrus and Beyond! Conference Coming to Riverside Convention Center

October 27, 2013 |

Grow Riverside: Citrus and Beyond! is a two-day, outcomes-based conference to examine and develop solutions that will enable cities, Riverside in this particular case, to reconnect to their agricultural roots and galvanize citizens, growers, advocates, government officials and other major stakeholders around the economic opportunities that can result from employing sustainable agriculture.

Event Date: March 19 – 20

Location: Riverside Convention Center


  • Define the opportunity for local food production and agriculture in The City of Riverside
  • Explore solutions to increase local food in The City of Riverside in a sustainable and economically viable manner
  • Develop practical next steps to enable Riverside to leverage its rich agricultural assets

Conference Focus Areas:

The conference will explore the following topic areas through keynote presentations and panels:

  • Building a Local Agriculture Future
  • Developing Economically Viable Small-scale Farming Solutions
  • Health and Community Benefits of Local Food
  • Funding the Future of Farming in Riverside
  • Citrus and Beyond: Riverside’s Agriculture future
  • Riverside Grown: The Local Food Landscape
  • Urban Farming in Riverside
  • Forming a Local Food Alliance

Register here: